Our company, Evalight created in 1996, is dedicated to the manufacture of high-end and quality sandals, as well as wellies and technical pieces in expanded EVA. Among our models are Marae and Aloha, which stand out for their design and excellence. In addition, we also manufacture other models of sandals for distributors who sell under their own brands.

Evalight is characterized by its range flexibility, production volumes, the use of Made in Spain products and a fast and impeccable service.

At Evalight, we are proud to manufacture our products in Spain. We are a Spanish brand committed to excellence and quality. By producing locally, we can maintain high quality standards, control the entire manufacturing process and support the national economy.

Evalight models

Marae model

Bora Bora model

Alhoa model

Moorea model

Model Marae Junior

Bios Child Model

Exclusive Glock Model

Tampa model

Miami model template

Miami Buckle Model

Cangrejo model

Space model

Pala model

Treking model

Design your own model and Evalight manufactures it for you